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So I promised last week that I’d be drawing up a short introductory comic for myself, but I couldn’t decide what to write or how to write it without being super boring (ie. myself) or overly wacky. So I’m letting my characters Witchlette (with the hat) and her sister Magi introduce me instead!

Some important information not included in the comic: 

I’m a freelance artist, so that means I’m always looking for gigs! Need something cute drawn for you/your significant other/your blog/your book, etc? I’m totally up for it if you like my style! Message me or email me at pennycandystudios [atgmail.com] for more commission info/pricing. :) 

My favorite cartoon is Adventure Time! I also really love The X-Files, just about any cartoon from the late 80s/90s, superhero toons, and a bunch o’ anime. I also love to read, and aside from comics and manga I enjoy fantasy and science fiction novels the most. 

I love to eat and bake and eat some more so I talk about and draw food a lot. Nommmmtastic!


website (unfinished, ahhh): www.pennycandystudios.net

twitter: twitter.com/pennyloafing (follow me, bros!) 

 art reblogs: pennyreblorbs.tumblr.com

If you have any questions you can always ask. I might even draw something in response! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

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